February Favourites ’17

March already, can you believe it?  It’s time again for me to share the things I liked during the month of February.

bubble t melting marbles bath pearls:

How 90s are these?!

These little squishy balls smell like fruit and burst when mixed with bath water, releasing oil that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

They’re ideal when you want to treat your skin, but don’t want to have to deal with the mess that a bath bomb can create.

Bubble t have a wide range of bath products that I intend to explore as these wee bath pearls are great for my skin.

*Westlab Dead Sea Salt:

If you don’t like the idea of bathing in oils, but your skin is in dire need of love and care, then try Westlab’s Dead Sea Salt.

Whenever I have a shower or bath, my skin tends to erupt in dry itchy patches, normally just on my arms. Using the bath salts has definitely made a difference, I have seen a great improvement on these dry patches since using Westlab.

Just remember and swirl them around your bath water thoroughly, it is very uncomfortable lying on bits of salt – even if they do soothe your skin.

*Driclor Antiperspirant:

Spring is coming and the weather is (sorta) getting warmer. And with warm weather comes sweat. Yes it’s gross and inconvenient, but it’s just nature.

If you suffer from excessive sweating – and even if you don’t – especially in the underarm region, then give Driclor Antiperspirant a go.

It is super strong and can nip like hell if applied incorrectly, but it improves underarm sweating considerably.

I swear by this product, but make sure you read the instructions before use.

*Eylure False Eyelashes:

I am useless at applying false eyelashes, but that doesn’t really stop me from wearing them. Sure, I can get all harassed when they don’t go on properly, but when they do I love how they make me look.

I have short stubby eyelashes that don’t hold a curl, so when I spend ages applying practically perfect eye makeup, I want to have half decent lashes to accentuate them.

I have only ever used Eylure falsies and I think I’ll stick with them. They look great and come in various styles for whatever look you’re trying to achieve – and, if you manage not to lose one, they are reusable.

I just need to practice applying them!

Keep smiling x

Disclaimer: all products marked with * were kindly paid for by www.chemist.co.uk

I appreciate their generosity.


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