December Favourites ’16

It’s time to relax and have a wee read of the things I liked in the month of December.

L’Oréal True Match Foundation:

A few months ago, whilst in town, I went into Boots to buy a new foundation. I knew exactly what one I wanted: L’Oréal True Match Foundation.

However, I wasn’t sure of my shade. I had never been matched before, and would normally just buy the palest shade.  The lovely assistant offered to do it for me there and then, I was in no rush and was very grateful for the help.

The girl informed me that I was one shade above the palest  (nothing surprising about that), but also that no-one ever liked their exact shade.  She recommend that I opted for the shade 3.N Creamy Beige, which was a couple of shades higher.

I was doubtful about her advice, what was the point in having my skin matched when I was just going to wear a darker shade?  However, when I tried 3.N I much preferred the warmth it gave to my skin – it didn’t look orange, nor create a tide-line around my jaw. It really did seem to adapt to the undertone of my skin.

The foundation is light and creamy, providing a flawless and even coverage – it’s a foundation that you forget you’re wearing.

I’ve tried many foundations over the years, some I’ve liked and some I haven’t, but this is the one I’m sticking with.

Arran Aromatics A Sense of Christmas Candle:

Arran Aromatics is one of my favourite shops for hand-washes and soaps, but the best products they sell – in my opinion – is candles.

Their candles burn evenly, are long-lasting, and smell amazing.  This is a major selling point for me.  Many scented candles smell great when they’re unlit, but as soon as they’re burning their perfumed scent goes undetected.

This candle in the scent Mandarin & Petitgrain fills your room with a sweet citrus-y aroma, and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home once lit. The beauty of this candle is that you don’t have to burn it to enjoy it’s gorgeous scent.

Arran Aromatics seems to have changed it’s name now to Arran Sense of Scotland, but it still produces the same great quality products.

Pop! Ellen Ripley:

How cute are the Pop! vinyl figures?  Their small bodies and overly large heads make even the creepiest fictional monster look like an adorable cartoon character.

For Christmas Paul bought me this Ellen Ripley figure. She is my favourite movie heroine – tough, smart, and makes a grey boiler suit look killer! Alien and Aliens are films that Paul and I never get tired of watching – we even named our ginger cat after Ripley’s moggy Jonsey.

Wee Ripley is just the start of my Pop! vinyl figure collection. Next on the list, Pennywise the clown.

Ripley and Jonsey 

Keep smiling x


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