November Favourites ’16

It’s December – I honestly cannot believe how fast this year has went by! Anyway, go grab yourself a hot chocolate cos it’s time for my November Favourites.
Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner:

I have finally found an affordable and fantastic liquid eyeliner!

Soap & Glory’s Supercat Liquid Eyeliner is fluid, without being watery, and very easy to use. I like the fact it’s shaped like a felt tip pen, it makes for minimal effort when applying various thickness of lines, and with maximum control – no shaky hands!

The only down side is that the lid easily falls off. I have gone through two Supercat Slims and only had to throw them away because they dried out due to the lids coming off.

Other than that this eyeliner looks good, has lasting power, and has a permanent place in my makeup collection.

Soap & Glory Archery 2 in 1 eyebrow sculpting crayon and setting gel dark chocolate:

My Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder is my holy grail of eyebrow products, but I wanted a good eyebrow pencil in my collection for quick application when I’m in a rush.

Soap & Glory’s Archery Sculpting Crayon is a smooth wax pencil which is gentle to apply. It’s not too intense if you don’t want dark looking brows, but buildable if you’re going for a fuller look.

I tend not to use the setting gel at the other end, instead applying my Gimme Brow, but it’s perfectly fit for purpose and handy to have at the end of the pencil.


The Exorcist:

William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist will forever be the scariest book I have ever read. Likewise, the movie directed by William Friedkin will always be the scariest film I have ever seen.

Demonic possession stories scare the bejesus out of me. I don’t like the idea of someone – particularly someone evil – having control of my body and mind. I don’t like hypnosis, either . . . nor the Imperius curse.

However, being frightening is the appeal, and when The Exorcist tv series aired you can bet I was watching it!

Angela Rance is convinced that her daughter is possessed. She’s acting strangely and Angela can hear things in the walls. She wastes no time in going to see her local parish priest, Fr Tomas Ortega, who visits the Rance home and makes a discovery that ends the first episode with a nice twist.

Fr Tomas goes in search of an exorcist by the name of Fr Marcus Brennan for help, and together they try and fight the ancient demon that’s terrorising the Rance family.

But that’s not the only evil they have to contend with. People who Fr Tomas think are there to help him are serving a higher and malevolent purpose – and all of this is happening in the lead up to the upcoming Papal visit.

There is also another shocking, and exciting, twist in the 5th episode that answers the question as to why the demon has chosen the Rance family.

The Exorcist show is delightfully creepy and, at times, gory. I really like where it is heading, but fear it may lose steam and become stale.

I hope I am wrong and, for now, am enjoying it immensely.

The Missing:

I missed the first series of this wonderful show, and I had on idea just how amazing it is!

Julian Baptiste is back in this series to investigate the reappearance of a young woman called Alice who has been missing for 11 years.

Alice turns up, barefooted and extremely ill, on the streets of a German town – not far from where her family lives in the Bristish army garrison. As soon as she’s recovered her relieved family take her back home. . . but not all is as it seems.

Baptiste learns of her return and that the very first thing Alice said when she was found was “Sophie”. This is the name of a French girl who went missing a year before Alice and whose case Baptiste was in charge of. Desperate to find Sophie, Baptiste travels to Germany for answers, but is nothing but a thorn in the side of everyone concerned . . . a bit like Colombo, but with a limp instead of a glass eye.

The show takes place during 2014, when Alice returns, and 2016 – with brief visits to 2004 and 1991. Everyone who appears in this twisty-turny programme is integral to the plot, but you’re left wondering why until near the end. And once you get to the end you’re jaw is guaranteed to fit the floor.

I want to tell you so much more about this unmissable show, but I would end up giving away too much! The characters are dynamic, the writing is gripping, the scenery is beautiful, and you will be left feeling satisfied that you watched one of the best programmes of 2016.

What I will say is, get hankies ready for the finale!

Keep smiling x


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