Date Night #2 Our One Year Anniversary 

On the 4th September Paul and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We had been planning to go away for the weekend (I fancied glamping), but we had just remodeled our bathroom and had French doors installed, so we decided it would be more cost effective to just go into town.

We headed into the city centre at around 2:30 pm and went straight to Merchant Square. This is a large indoor venue which consists of various bars and restaurants. The spacious central courtyard often has craft and design fairs, which is what was going on when we got there.

We stopped in at Bar Square, had a couple of drinks, then moved on to our next destination. Our dinner reservation wasn’t until 6pm so we were able to have a drink in a pub called Committee Room N°9 in Merchant City, and then another one in Waxy O’Connor’s, an Irish pub whose furnishings and decor gives the illusion of drinking inside of a tree.

We had dinner in Bill’s, a restaurant I had passed many times during my trips into town and always liked the look of. It really is a beautiful place, with chandeliers, candleabras, chunky wooden furniture, and blackboards hung on most walls, it has a rustic yet stylish look and is a lot larger inside than it looks from the street.

Once we were seated a lovely girl brought two classes of prosecco over to us and congratulated us on our wedding anniversary. It was the perfect start to a beautiful meal.

Paul had the sea bass which he said was very tasty and I had the macaroni and cheese – a firm favourite of mine which I’m always tempted to get no matter which restaurant we visit, much to paul’s annoyance, ha!

After our amazing dinner we headed around to The Corinthian, a beautiful establishment with several rooms and floors consisting of a casino, a disco, a large room just to sit and chill with a drink, plus various rooms to hire. There was a wedding reception happening in one of these rooms, but I didn’t get to see the bride, unfortunately. 

Paul’s cousin had hired out another of the rooms for her hen do, and after we’d had a few cocktails we paid her a visit. She was having a ball and would definitely have been nursing a severe hangover the next day.

At around midnight we decided to call it a day – I’m getting too old and drinking all day makes me feel more tired than drunk. We jumped into a chip shop (or chippy, as we say) and got chips n’ cheese, an after-a-night-out staple, then waited around 20 minutes at the taxi rank – plenty of time to snarf down those scrummy chips.

It was a great day and the perfect way for us to celebrate our anniversary. It’s not about jetting off anywhere fancy or buying each other expensive gifts (we didn’t even get each other a card!), it’s about spending time together and remembering why you love each other.
Keep smiling x 


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