August Favourites ’16

Time for my August Favourites! Grab a cup of tea, grab a biscuit, and get comfy.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub:

Back in my January Favourites I mentioned The Kiss lip scrub – it tasted just like candy floss and was delectable! Unfortunately, that was just a Valentine’s Day limited edition and they no longer stock it.

Putting the taste to one side, the product itself is very good at scrubbing away the dead skin from your lips. I wanted to buy another one so I picked up the Popcorn flavour one.

It doesn’t taste like popcorn in my opinion, but definitely like some other kind of buttery treat. It is satisfying on the tongue and a worthy substitute to The Kiss. It leaves my lips smooth and feeling pleasantly  plump.

Blank Canvas F20 brush:

I occasionally watch an Irish beauty YouTuber called Sinead Cady who regularly uses Blank Canvas products in her videos. I was always interested in them, but just never got around to buying anything.

However, last month in my Glossy Box I received this pretty pink F20 brush. Now I am no expert in makeup brushes and don’t know what half of them are used for, but this dense – yet fluffy – brush has a flat top which is very useful for stippling.

I use it to stipple my liquid concealer and it leaves a lovely flawless finish. I’m definitely going to look into more of their products.

Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses:

I love aviator sunglasses – they’re the only ones I will wear. I had the same pair – Pepe Jeans – for 7 years, and they were scratched, squinty, the legs stretched and loose, but I didn’t want to give them up.

A few weeks ago, I seen these beautiful rose gold aviators in River Island for a tenner and I just had to have them. I knew they would make a good replacement to my beloved Pepe Jeans pair – and they are prettier.

They sit on my head so snuggly and, without a scratch in sight, they are just perfect.

Pretty Suds Jewel Colour Bomb:

I never used to enjoy baths, but now there are just so many amazing bath bombs, bubble baths, bath salts etc that it makes the whole bathing experience a lot more fun.

My cousin over at raves about the company Pretty Suds, so I decided to give their stuff a look.

They have a wide range of bath bombs, bath soaks, and even wax melts, but it was their Jewel Colour Bomb that caught my eye.

Similar to the Imperial Candles I’ve previously blogged about, each bomb contains a genuine sterling silver ring. You simply choose your size and wait for your surprise!

I’m very pleased with my ring, and with each bath bomb only costing £9.95 it is definitely a worthy treat; and would make a fabulous gift.

keep smiling x


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