Cleaning my Makeup Brushes (at last)

I’ll be honest, I have only ever cleaned my makeup brushes twice. In the 14 years I’ve been wearing makeup I have never given all of my brushes a right good deep cleaning until, about, 8 months ago. Then all I did was squirt some baby shampoo in a cup of lukewarm water and swirl the brushes in the solution for a couple of seconds. So, really, you couldn’t call that a deep clean.

I suppose it’s just never really occurred to me as something I should do. I mean, I was the only one using the brushes, so it didn’t matter if they were clean or not. It was my only own germs crawling all over the bristles, after all. What difference did it make if they were transfered back to my face?

Oh, how simple I sound. 

Dirty makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, and when you face is nice and clean from your morning cleansing routine, you’re just going to sweep dusty, grimy brushes all over your gleaming skin and potentially cause breakouts.

Also, if your forking out a fortune on expensive brushes and makeup, you want them to last. Cleaning your brushes will ensure longevity and won’t transfer all that muck and grime to your makeup.

To ensure flawless makeup application, you’ll want to rid you makeup brushes of previous products. Applying eyeshadow with a brush that already has hints of another colour will make your makeup look muddy and unpleasant.

After my failed attempt with the baby shampoo, I decided to purchase an actual brush cleanser. I bought the Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Sanitising Solid Brush Cleaner from Superdrug. It was only a fiver and had great reviews. I had also seen YouTubers using silicone brush cleaners to help scrub the dirt out of the brushes. I purchased mine from Ebay. It’s quite small, but was only around 2 quid and does the trick.

The process is really very simple. First of all you take your brush and wet it under the tap.

Then you swirl the wet brush in the cleaner until it lathers up like soap.

After that, rub the soapy brush all over the brush cleaner. It is oddly satisfying to see the build up of months (years) of dirty makeup washing away down the plughole.

Lastly, rinse the brush under water until it’s free of dirt and sanitiser. I gently squeezed the bristles of excess water.

Then I lined them all up on a towel on my window ledge to dry. These aren’t all of my brushes, but they are the ones I use on a regular basis. I have a mixture of brands here: Nanshy, The Vintage Cosmetic Company, Real Techniques, Coastal Scents, L.A.B 2, Makeup Revolution, Avon, Spectrum, Blank Canvas Cosmetics, and random ones from Ebay. The cleanser has worked on every single brush and was incredibly gentle. 

This is the product when I was done. It doesn’t even look like I’ve touched it, and that’s after cleaning 27 brushes! The product comes in a hefty 100ml, so I think it’s safe to say that you are getting more of your money’s worth.

If you have used this product, or have any other tips on how to clean makeup brushes (or simply, keep on top of cleaning them) them please let me know own in the comments below.

Keep smiling x 


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