July Favourites ’16

Get yourself comfy – it’s time for my July Favourites. 

benefit Gimme Brow:

I have heard nothing but rave reviews about benefits eyebrow products, especially their Gimme Brow. 

I got this trial sized one free with Glamour magazine and I’ll be honest, it’s the only reason I bought the magazine ‘cos I don’t read them.

The product itself is encased in beautiful siver packaging and the shape looks quite regal – almost like it belongs on a chess board. The tiny tapered brush is just the perfect size to shape your brows then brush through them to make them look feathery and natural. It also picks up just the right amount of product to help your brows look fuller.

The only negative thing I will say about the product is the shade. I have the shade 5 Deep, which is the darkest it comes in, but it isn’t dark enough for me. I like my brows to be as dark as I can get them (without them looking blocky), but the Gimme Brow doesn’t do that for me. This is really a minor issue, and I would continue to use this product on top of my Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder in Granite, but if benefit was to produce an even deeper shade then I could use it on it’s own and never stray.


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer:

I first seen this product on an American beauty lovers YouTube channel. I just loved the packaging and when the YouTuber said that the bronzer smelled of coconut, I just knew i had to have it.

Unfortunately, you can’t really buy Physicians Formula products in the UK. TK Maxx sell random brands from time to time and they had a few Physicians Formula blushers, but that was no good to me. I wanted the Butter Bronzer!

So I turned to Amazon and there it was.

The bronzer is cool toned, which suites my pale skin, and so smooth and silky there’s no wonder it’s called Butter Bronzer. And the smell?! Oh, it is devine! I love getting a whiff of it every time I apply it.

Physicians Formula seems to be a very popular drug store makeup brand in America, and if their products are all as good as this Butter Bronzer (and what all the American beauty gurus say) then I would love for the brand to be made readily available in drug stores over here.


Arran Aromatics feel good formulas green tea eye gel:

If I’m honest my under eye area is always an area of my face that I neglect. I know it is delicate and not all moisturisers and creams are suitable, but I can just be lazy when it comes to skin care.

I saw this green tea eye gel in Arran Aromatics and, although it’s not exactly a moisturiser, I thought I would give it a go.

The gel isn’t thick and it may be in a small tub, but a little goes a long way. I apply it every morning to help reduce puffiness and rehydrate the skin after sleep.

So far I am pleased with the results.It dries quite quickly after application, but isn’t tacky or flaky, it seems to just absorb into the skin, helping to plump out and cool the skin.

I’m determined to continue using this product and not neglect my under eyes again.



I have been watching a lot of great programs recently, but in this post I only want to talk about one . . . Stranger Things.

We got Netflix a couple of months ago and have binge watched a few fantastic programmes already, but when Stranger  Things appeared on it, I had so many friends telling me how much I’d love it.

And they weren’t wrong.

As soon as I watched the first episode – a group of four young boys playing Dungeons and Dragons in a basement; riding their bikes home when one of them goes missing; a creepy creature in the woods, along with it being set in the 80s and starring Winona Ryder – I was hooked!

It reminds me of so many films I love; The Goonies, E.T. the extraterrestrial, Super 8 (an incredible underrated movie), Poltergeist, Stand by Me, Explores and many other 80s movies – along with the computer game Silent Hill. The opening title font reminds me of Stephen King novels, and the music is just so 80s that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In saying that, the show isn’t a cheap mish-mash of all these wonderful films thrown together, The Duffer Brothers (the creators and directors of Strangers Things ) are obviously huge fans of the genre and have taken influence from these movies to produce their own creation worthy of being categorised under the same umbrella. 

Stephen Spielberg is obviously another huge influence in his own right. Spielberg is renowned for producing heartfelt and sentimental movies, and Stranger Things draws strength from the emotional scenes featuring the wonderful Winona Ryder desperately trying to contact her son with the use of fairy lights, and Eleven – the girl with psychokinetic powers who is helping the boys find their friend – who often has flash backs to her time spent in a government facility where she is forced to use her powers and treated like an experiment.

Eleven calls the man who experiments on her “papa”, but he shows her no love, which leaves her feeling all alone. When she meets the boys they teach her all about friendship and there is a touching scene between her and Ryder’s character that presents to her what a parent and child’s relationship should be like. This actually brought me to tears and left me wanting to tear the head off of her “papa” – who, many of you will recognise as Joker from Full Metal Jacket.

Whilst on the subject of the actors, the acting in this programme is impeccable. The children hands down steal the show. Every single person has been cast perfectly, and I’m sure the young actors will go on to do great things.

If this sounds right up your street then you should definitely give it a watch. It is a Netflix original which is disappointing to those who do not have Netflix, but if there is any way you can see this show then do it! It ticks all the right boxes.
Keep smiling x 


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