June Favourites


Time for my June Favourites already. Can you believe it?!

Bath and Beauty

nspa reviving eucalyptus and sea minerals smoothing sea salt scrub


Asda sells a lot of the nspa products and they are very reasonably priced.  When I was shopping in there a few weeks ago I was browsing through the shelves at the health and beauty section and decided I wanted a body scrub.

This sea salt scrub was reduced to £2 and I thought, “I’ll be having that “.

At 200ml the tub contains a generous amount of product. It isn’t too abrasive, but it isn’t too wishy-washy either. After I’d slapped it all over my body during a shower, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and smooth my skin felt. So much so that I am now on my second tub and intend to buy more.

Ying Jili Eyebrow Razor:


I pluck my own eyebrows. There is no way in hell that I would like anyone else near them – no matter how professional or skilled they are at the art of waxing and shaping brows, they are staying away from mine!
However, there are some very fine and wispy hairs that my Tweezer man tweezers can’t quite get a grip off.  I suppose I could just leave these hairs, but they pester me whenever I look in the mirror.

I found these eyebrow razors on Ebay and though, “That’s just what I need!”. They weren’t too expensive (only £2.88) so I went ahead and purchased them.

They work like a dream. They are sharp enough to cut right through those fine hairs, but the short length and shape of the razor makes it easy to handle and use so that you don’t end up shaving off your whole eyebrow.  I’m very happy with these wee razors.



Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream:


There was a heatwave in the Dear Green Place for a good few weeks this month and, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wearing too much makeup in the searing heat.

 This BB Cream is just the thing; it’s lightweight, has just a touch of colour, and – most importantly – contains SPF30.

I wore this every day during the heatwave and was confident with it’s finished look; evening out my skin tone, providing light coverage as well as covering my blemishes. 

 If you are going on holiday this year then this is definitely a must for your suitcase.


Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit:


Once I had developed a wee bit of colour from the heatwave, I reached for this contour kit to warm up my face.

 I only used the bronzer in the kit, but the blush is a nice dusky pink that I think would suit anyone.  The highlighters, however, is somewhat chalky and not one that I’ll be using much of.

 This is my favourite bronzer as it doesn’t have an orange undertone and looks rather natural.  I set it off with I ❤ Makeup Summer of Love triple baked bronzer for a bit of shimmer on my cheekbones.


George get set! Mineral Setting Powder:


For me, this compact powder is a wee diamond in the rough.  I love my Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder, but as it is a loose powder I tend to make a mess with it.  I decided I needed a pressed powder and when in Asda one day I spotted this.

It was only £2 so I though what was the harm in trying it?

 This powder leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, it keeps my foundation and concealer in place, and drys out the oils on my t-zone.

It can leave a bit of a white cast on your face, so you have to make sure you are being quite light handed when applying it.  But all in all, it’s a great wee product.


This is based on the comic of the same name which was created by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead.

Outcast is about a man named Kyle Barnes who possesses some kind of supernatural ability to expel demons from the bodies of the innocent.

After a turbulent childhood spent with his demonically possessed mother, Kyle moves away from his home town. He successfully rid his Mother of the demon, but now blames himself for the catatonic state she has been in ever since.

Years later, when he returns, he is an outcast as everyone knows that there is something not quite right with him.  Reverend Anderson preaches to the town about dark forces, but is ill equipped to deal with them – particularly when a young boy shows the same type of possession as Kyle’s mother.

The opening scene of the first episode features this possessed boy and had my heart thumping in my chest. It was frightening, it was gruesome, it was right up my street.

Demonic possession programmes and films terrify me, but I like to be scared, so i’ll be sticking to this show.

Wayward Pines:
This is now the second series of the mysterious show based on the novel by Blake Crouch.

Wayward Pines is a quiet wee town where all of the residents get on well with each other and never cause any problems . . . they know the dire consequences if they dare make trouble.  And there is no escaping the repercussions as the whole of the town is surrounded by an electrified fence.

But is this to keep the townsfolk in, or keep whatever is lurking around outside out?

I loved the first series of Wayward Pines. It was gripping, the acting was superb, and it didn’t drag out it’s secrets for weeks and weeks. In fact, we found out very early on in the show that it is set in the year 4028 – much to the surprise of the main protagonist as he was convinced it was still only 2014!

Not only is it 2014 years into the future, but the world has been taking over by humanoid creatures known as aberrations, or Abbies. These monsters aren’t the only threat to the rest of humanity, as the Wayward Pines residents are ruled by an iron fist.

Whilst watching the first series i wasn’t  expecting there to be a follow-up, and was slightly disappointed by the first season finale, but I am very curious to see what is going to transpire for all of the remaining characters and will continue to watch.

Agatha Raisin:
In 2014 Sky1 aired a eight part comedy-drama based on M.C. Beaton’s novels about a highly successful PR professional who moves from the hustle and bustle of London to the peaceful Cotswolds after taking early retirement.

This is Agatha Raisin, who is played by the funny and talented Ashley Jensen.  Agatha desperately wants to fit into country life, but ultimately sticks out like a sore thumb, what with her expensive taste in fashion and bright and blaring security system.

It doesn’t take long before the quiet country life takes a turn for the worst and Agatha finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation.

The original televised series was a pilot series based on The Quiche of Death and set Agatha up as quite the amateur sleuth. Now, Sky1 are showing the programme weekly, but weekly hour-long episode is based on an individual murder – think Midsomer Murders, but with a power suite, killer heels and a lot more humour.

If you like crime shows, but like it to be a bit light-hearted, then this is for you.

keep smiling x


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