May Favourites ’16


It’s time again for my monthly favourites.


Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint by Barry M & Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat:


I am a huge lover of gellish nails and have my own kit which my mum bought me for Christmas one year. It is by Red Carpet and is just the business. However, sometimes I can be too lazy to bring everything out, set the lamp up, and prep my nails so I like to put on a nail varnish that I know is going to last the week and not chip.

Barry M, in my opinion, has always been at the top of the nail polish game – and super affordable, but I wanted the same kind of formula of gellish without it actually being gellish. Luckily for me Barry M has a range called Gelly Hi Shine which is exactly that.

It’s thick, without being gloopy, and super smooth and shiny. A fabulous range of nail varnish. My collection consists of (from left to right):

1) Chai
2) Blueberry
3) Acai Smoothie
4) Pink Punch
5) Blood Orange (which I am wearing as I type this)
6) Black Cherry

Sally Hansen is also a fantastic range of nail polish, but double the price of Barry M. The base and top coat I have been using along with the Gelly is a product I have had for years, but it is great at protecting your nails from staining and helping your polish stay put.

Maybelline dream velvet soft-matte hydrating foundation:


I have always been intrigued by matte foundations, but as I have combination skin and tend to get dry patches at my jaw line and around my mouth, I was always worried about the foundation clinging there and creating unsightly flakey patches on my face.

But, whenever I seen this Maybelline dream velvet foundation in Boots it always seemed to call to me until I finally gave in and purchased it.

And I am so glad I did!

It has a slight thick and mousse-y consistency, but is so lightweight on the skin. It doesn’t irritate my dry patches and definitely has staying and hydrating power all day. This is by far my new favourite drugstore foundation.

I use the shade 10 Ivory and that is perfect for my pale-but-not-too-pale skin.

Sleek Matte Me lip cream:


Just like the matte foundation, I have been interested in trying out a matte liquid lipstick for a while now. But before I forked out a fortune on one from Jeffree Star or Anastasia Beverly Hills, I wanted to make sure it was something I liked as I find the feel of some lip products quite tacky.

I picked up the Sleek Matte Me lip cream in the shade Shabby Chic and I am pleasantly surprised with it. Again, this is light on the lips and has brilliant staying power. I will say, with matte lipsticks, you should make sure you scrub and moisturise your lips before applying it as it can stick to all of the dead, loose skin and look unsightly.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipgloss:



I picked up three of these Amazing Lipglosses from Makeup Revolution and this shade is hands down, my favourite.

What’s strange is that this shade, Natural Pink, is the lightest of the three, but is the most pigmented. The other three shades (Raspberry and Hot) are just so sheer that I might as well just be putting clear lipgloss on my lips.

Natural Pink, though, is just a lovely pale pink that looks very fresh and Summery; perfect for this time of year.

Makeup Revolution Lip Power:


As soon as I seen these lipstick/lipgloss combos I just had to have them.  What a clever idea, I thought – it saves carrying two separate products in your handbag and you don’t have to struggle to find a matching shade, if you want to dash gloss over your lipstick for some extra shine.


The shades are very pigmented – even the gloss, so that can be worn on it’s own without the disappointment of it looking wishy-washy.


The shades are (from top to bottom):

1) Life Is What You Make It, a bright pink shade with a slight purple undertone.
2) Anticipate It, a rich purple plum shade.
3) It’s My Life, a pretty nude with a very slight pink undertone.


I do love me a good detective programme and with the end of Scott and Bailey still depressing me, it was a delight to discover this new crime show staring the talented Anna Friel.

  Friel plays the titular Marcella, a former  detective turned housewife whose life turns upside down when she discovers her husband has been cheating on her and she’s asked to come back to the force to help with a murder case which is very familiar.

  I missed the first episode of this but, with the power of modern day technology, was able to Google what happened.  Marcella suffers from blackouts, and one night she comes to, covered in dirt and blood. Upon discovering her husband’s mistress is dead, she is convinced she is the murderer.

With this weighing heavily on her mind, she has to help solve the murders of people killed in the same way the mistress was.

Gripping stuff, eh?!

I was at the edge of my seat with every episode and didn’t have a clue what the truth was until the very end.  If you’re able to find Marcella on IPlayer or online  then you should definitely watch it.

Keep smiling x


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