March Favourites ’16


It’s time for my March Favourites so go grab a cup of tea and make yourself comfy.



This is another adorable pallette from Lollipops Paris that I found in TK Maxx. It is the Fabuleuse pallette and consists of two very pale eyeshadows and a beautiful cheek and lip tint. One eyeshadow is shimmer and the other is matte and they both have a pale pink tone to them. They are very pretty spring colours.
  The rich pink cheek and lip tint is just lush. I’ve never used a cream blush before, but I am now a fan. It blends very easily and looks really natural. I think I may have converted from powder blush to cream blush.


I have had these Soap and Glory eyeliners for ages, but have only recently started using them again and I wonder why I ever stopped! They are the Smoulder Kohl waterproof eyeliners and the two colours I have are Blue My Mind and Aquabat. They are so easy to apply – even for someone with an unsteady hand like me! They just glide onto your lashline and it is very simple to smudge them until you get your desired look. I’m definitely going to pick up more of these the next time I am in Boots.


I like a good highlighter and this Speedy Highlighter by Collection is just the business. I love the chubby crayon packaging and the shade – Pearl Sheen – is just perfect for my skin tone. The crayon-style highlighter makes it easy to simply glide the stick along your cheekbone and then blend out with your fingertips. Like the cream blush, there is no fallout from powder and the cream is easier to blend. A must have for highlighter lovers.


This lovely pallette is the Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals eyeshadow pallette. It has loads of pretty shimmer and matte colours and is a new favorite of mine. I’m not quiet brave enough to wear the bold red colours during the day, but I have been scouring through YouTube for tutorials on how to wear these gorgeous colours without looking like I’ve just smeared red facepaint over my eyes.


In my previous favourites blog I wrote about the Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder – used to shape and fill in my sparse brows.
  I have also been using I Tint My Brows from Makeup Revolution. This is a black (they have many other colours) gel which I brush over my brows once I have filled them in and it basically cements the hairs in place. Honestly, my hairs do not move an inch once I put this on. Now, many people might not like the hard feeling of their brows once this is on, but I don’t mind it. At least I know that one hair will not be out of place with this gel on my eyebrows.


This makeup brush is from The Vintage Cosmetic Company and it is the largest powder brush I have ever seen. I found it in TK Maxx and just loved the design and, as it was at a reduced price, decided I had to have it. It is super soft and great for dusting my Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder all over my face. I went onto their website, but as their other brushes are a bit on the pricey side, I think I’ll wait until I come across more in TK Maxx again.



I had very long hair for my wedding and then, as soon as the big day was over, I got it all chopped off! The thing is, I have quite thick and frizzy hair and when it is short I sometimes find it difficult to keep it smooth and under control.
  I discovered this shampoo in Boots – I am rather boring when it comes to shampoo and tend to stick to the same one, but I knew i needed something different for my new hairstyle.
  It is the anti-breakage keratin oil shampoo by Ogx and it is just fabulous. It keeps my hair so soft and frizz free and a little goes a long way! I would say this is the best shampoo I have ever used and I will continue to use it even when my hair becomes long again.



My mum got me these great candles for Easter. The are from Asda and are obviously mine and Paul’s initials. They remind me of our wedding as we had large LED initials at the side of our dance floor. I love these so much that I don’t want to light them. Maybe mum will get me more if I talk nicely to her 😁

Mother’s Day:


Mother’s day was way back at the beginning of the month and I have already used up all of these lovely bath bombs from Bombs Cosmetics that the boys got me. They are cruelty free and just add luxury to your bath time. And look how pretty they are! The come with a bar of soap which is the only thing I have left from this beautiful gift.

Keep smiling x


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