Police by Joe Nesbo


I have read all of Joe Nesbo’s Harry Hole books and I literally just finished this one this morning. There are 10 books in the series and this is the latest. In my opinion these are exceptionally well written and well researched books. Joe Nesbo shows a great understanding of police work and of his native Oslo, so much so that I would hope to visit one day. I’ll tell you a bit about Harry Hole before I get into the book.

Harry Hole is a brilliant detective working for the crime squad in Oslo, Norway. He has unorthodox methods and fights against alcoholism and other demons. Although this may sound very cliche, Joe Nesbo makes it work in a way that you don’t get bored with Hole’s personal battles and borderline self destruction. Hole is described as tall and somewhat ugly, but his quiet and brooding personality means he’s not short of female admirers. This can cause him some problems.

In Police Hole has to work with his fellow officers to catch a police killer. Officers are being lured to scenes of crimes which they worked on, but never solved, and they are being murdered in extremely violent ways. Hole and his team need to dig up past unsolved cases in a bid to get one step ahead of the killer. Not only this, but there are other stories within this story which are going to build up to a huge and earth shattering crescendo for a few other characters close to Hole in future novels.

This novel had enough twists and turns in it to make me feel dizzy. Just when I though I had guessed who the police killer was Joe Nesbo flung in another curve ball that made me exasperated, yet wanting more. Even my eldest, J, would question why I was groaning in frustration when reading the book.

If you are keen on crime novels – or even just fabulously written novels – then I highly recommend the Harry Hole series. One of the novels, The Snowman, is to be made into a film starring Michael Fassbender (whom I personally think is too handsome to play Hole, but heho). I feel a mixture of excitement and disappointment about this. Excitement because, hey, it’s Harry Hole! Disappointment because I would like to have seen them start from the very beginning of the series instead of 7 books in. But The Snowman is probably the most Holywood worthy out of them all.

All in all I enjoyed this book. But I don’t just read the Harry Hole books, I devour them.

Rating: 5/5


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