February Favourites ’16


It’s time for my February Favourites. I honestly can’t believe it’s March already – this year is going by far too fast, I feel that if I blink I will miss it.



Eyebrows . . . we all have them – always have! But I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much hype over those two hairy little lines on our forehead than I have over the past couple of years! Everyone seems obsessed with what everyone else’s eyebrows look like. They are either too thick, too thin, arched too high, not arched enough – leave my ‘brows alone!
  Luckily there are several (hundred) makeup products out there to help us achieve the perfect eyebrows for us. I’m not saying everyone has to use these products, you all do whatever you like with your ‘brows, but my eyebrows are pretty sparse so I like to fill them in to make them look thicker.
  I’ve been using Freedom Duo Eyebrow Powder in Granite the past month and I just can’t recommend it enough. I had been using Freedom Pomade before and, while I still like that, I can find it a bit messy at times. The powder is not messy at all and sticks to your hairs nicely. I like to have my brows dark so I use the darkest shade available, but they have many different shades, so I’m sure you’ll find one to suit you.
  To apply this powder it really helps if you have the right tool and I have been using the L.A.B.2 Get In Shape Brow and Eyeliner Brush and find it works a treat. It is a nice brush to hold and the slanted design makes for precise lines and few mistakes.


Whilst rummaging in TK Maxx one day I came across two bargains. One of them was The Balm Voyage Pallette Vol. II from The Balm Cosmetics. I have always wanted to try out some of The Balm’s makeup, but for drugstore makeup I still find it quite expensive. Which is why I was so pleased to find it in TK Maxx for less than half price! I snatched it up and didn’t think twice about it.
  This is an adorable travel pallette. It has six eyeshadows,  two blushes, two lip and cheek tints, a bronzer, and a luminizer – all you need for a trip away. The eyeshadows are a mix of matt and shimmer and with a variety of colour for day and evening wear.  What I really like about this pallette is the colour combination chart at the bottom. A simple guide for four different looks which even an amateur like me shouldn’t get wrong.


Look at this brush. Just look at how pretty it is. I am a sucker for pretty things and cool packaging and this Spectrum brush is right up my street. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is super soft and great at applying powder. This brush came in my February Birch Box. For those of you who don’t know, Birch Box is a monthly subscription box which gets delivered directly to your door full of wonderful (and some not so wonderful, but still pleasant) beauty products. I like these kind of subscription boxes because they give me a chance to try products i have never heard of before and whilst the boxes can sometimes be hit or miss, they can sometimes have a lovely little gem in them like this Spectrum brush.



To set my makeup I have only ever used a pressed powder. I am quite pale so always pick the lightest shade I can – this also ensures that the shade of my foundation isn’t altered too much, but inevitably darkens slightly.
  I found a review of Vichy Dermablend setting powder online and decided to give it a try myself.
  It is a very fine powder which doesn’t cake up on the skin. Although the powder is white it is completely invisible when applied. I love how it feels on my skin – so smooth and lightweight. My foundation shade isn’t altered at all, and stays in place even after a long working days.
  It comes in quite a small tub and may seem steep at £15, but it isn’t a powder I use every day and a little does go a long way.


Hands up who has mastered the fine art of contour! Anyone? If you have could you please teach me?
  I have spent many hours watching contour tutorials on YouTube and still struggle to achieve that subtle shadow effect.  However, I have found the perfect pallette to practice with.
  The Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Pallette in Golden Sugar has as mix of eight beautiful highlighters and bronzers. I have used this pallette many times and, whilst my attempts to contour may be in vain, I love the finish. The highlighters are baked and so shimmery and the bronzer leaves a lovely natural look.
  This is definitely a pallette for contour beginners AND experts.



As I had mentioned earlier I am a sucker for cool packaging and you can’t get much cooler than this. This Lollipops Paris Pallette Yeux Smoky (Smoky Champs Elysees) was my other fantastic find from TK Maxx. I had never heard of this brand before and was sucked right in to the beautiful design of this eyeshadow pallette.
  Not only does it look good, but the pigmentation of the shadows is top notch.
  I Googled Lollipops Paris because I was so impressed with this product and wanted to have a look at their website. Not only do they do makeup, but the website is full of cute shoes, real leather handbags, fun purses, and many accessories.
  Lollipop Paris has definitely found a new fan in me.




I just love VW camper vans. I can’t drive, but this is my dream car for when I eventually can.
  In Primark a couple of weeks ago I found these adorable camper van cushions. They were only £3 each and I knew i just had to have them. We recently got a new suite and these just set it off nicely.


The Goldbergs:
February has been a great month for television! One of my favourite programmes and the best comedy on telly (in my opinion) is The Goldbergs.
  I cannot emphasise enough how hilarious and well written this show is. It is jam packed with everything that I love; a funny, dysfunctional family; fantastic eighties movies and music references; delightful eighties clothing and hair, and likable characters.
  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, it is based on the childhood of the creator and writer Adam Goldberg. A self confessed movie geek, Adam includes real footage from home movies at the end of each episode. This adds a very charming and personal touch to a programme he quite clearly holds dear to his heart. And why wouldn’t he? It’s all about his crazy family after all!
  The whole show is set in the 80s and focuses on Adam, his brother Barry, sister Erica, dad Murray, mum Beverly, and Adam’s ultimate hero, his Pops.
  Each character brings their own special appeal to the show, but my favourite characters are Beverly and Barry, aka Big Tasty.
  Beverly is known to the family as the Smother as she is forever expressing her love for her kids, but if they cross her she will embarrass them by turning up to school in a house coat and hair rollers.
  Barry is lovable, yet stupid. He is extremely delusion about his own abilities when it comes to anything sporty or creative, but it’s this overconfidence that makes for great story lines and an equally great character.
   I don’t like giving too much away in my reviews for programmes,  as I don’t want to influence anyone’s opinions, so please just watch this show. I promise you will not be disappointed.

The Walking Dead:
My next favourite tv show from February is The Walking Dead.
  I have been an avid fan of this programme since day one. I will never forget watching the very first episode and just being blown away by the makeup, effects and acting.
  It simply follows a group of survivors during a zombie apocalypse. The group is lead by sheriff Rick Grimes, played by the very talented Andrew Lincoln, who wants nothing more than to ensure the safety and survival of his son, daughter and the rest of the group – who have ultimately become his extended family.
  There is action and gore throughout this show, but most importantly there is character development. I have read many reviews on The Walking Dead where viewers complain about various episodes where “nothing happens”. What some people fail to realise is that these kind of episodes are vital in order for viewers to fall in love with the characters and care what happens to them.
  I base all of the success of this show on the writers successfully creating characters who people care about. No one would watch a show or rave about it if they were indifferent about the fate of the characters. You may not like all of the characters,  but you are cheering for the success of the ones you do.

The X-Files :
I was so excited when i first heard that there was a new season of The X-Files being made. This was a firm favourite of mine back in the 90s when I was only a wee girl. Being fascinated with aliens and the paranormal, this was the perfect programme for me to binge watch to feed my wild imagination!
  Watching the first episode of the latest season felt like coming home after a long time away. It was familiar, it was comforting, and it was not disappointing.
  I admit that I was afraid that it would have lost its old charm, that the technological advances of the present would make it look stale and out of date, but I needn’t have been. The chemistry between David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson is still there and they play on the use of new technology.
  I think there are only six episodes in the season and I am unsure as to whether or not anymore are in the pipeline,  but in my opinion, this show is a welcome addition to the usual spy/cop shows that inundate television these days. Of course, I am biased – and maybe a little bit overprotective when it comes to The X-Files,  but having grown up with it I find it hard to compare it to anything else. It is quite simply one in a million and should extend it’s stay back on our screens for the foreseeable.


I have two books to rave about this month, but I have decided to dedicated an entire blog on it’s own to book reviews. Look out for my first one!

Keep smiling.


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