A candle with a difference

Valentine’s Day has been and gone. I don’t know about you, but this isn’t a holiday Paul and I celebrate. We’ll buy each other a card – purely just to acknowledge the day, but we don’t lavish each other in gifts, or wine and dine in an expensive restaurant.
  However, this year i spied something online that I really, really fancied!


Imperial Candles are lovely scented candles, but with a twist! Inside each candle is a ring ranging in price from £10 – £1000! Now, I like candles, and I like jewellery, so this is right up my street.


The ring is placed in a little baggy then wrapped in foil to protect it. You have to burn the candle for a while before you can get to it. You might be able to see the foil at the top of the picture above.
  The candle itself smells luscious. As soon as you take off the lid you are greeted with the sweet smell of strawberries. However – and this is a disappointment – the smell cannot be detected when the candle is lit. Sure, you can smell a vaguely pleasant aroma, but it is not the delectable strawberry fragrance that initially fills your nostrils.


This can be overlooked,  but only because this is the first of their candles I have ever used. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and am hoping that their other differently scented candles smell just as wonderful whilst burning as they do unlit.
  Moving onto the exciting treasure hidden within! I can be an impatient person – especially when I am excited about something – and I was champing at the bit to retrieve my ring. You see, you don’t know what kind of ring you are getting. Upon ordering the candle you simply choose your ring size and that’s it. The colour and style of the ring has nothing to do with the colour of the candle. For example, if your candle is red it doesn’t necessarily mean that your ring will have a red stone embedded in it.
  After burning my candle for a good few hours, I was finally able to fish out the foil with a pair of tweezers. Be careful! You don’t want to burn yourself on the hot wax.


TA DA!  This is my ring with an attached retail price tag.


It’s purple! The stone is purple! One of my favourite colours. I must admit that even in all my excitement i was a bit worried that I wouldn’t like the ring, but I am so pleased. You are taking a gamble not knowing what you are getting, but you wouldn’t purchase something like this unless you were okay with that.
  I love this product, despite the lack of scent whilst the candle is burning, and would definitely buy another one . . . well, maybe ask for one as a gift. I think they definitely make great gifts.
  But hey! Why not treat yourself and buy one? No one said you had to wait for a special occasion to receive one – I just know that my husband wouldn’t be impressed with a regular delivery of jewellery submerged candles, ha!
  If this sounds like something you would like to buy then check them out at http://www.imperialcandles.co.uk

Keep on smiling.


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