January Favourites ’16


I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and vloggers do monthly posts on their favourite things and I really enjoy them. I find it’s a great way to gradually discover new products without being bombarded with a whole load of new things all at once. So, I have decided to jump on the band wagon. Here are a list of my favourite things from January:



Lovely wonderful Lush!!!! I adore this shop, but don’t frequent it as much as I should. As it’s winter and the weather in Scotland has been abysmal (rain, wind,  snow šŸ˜­) my skin has been dry and rough. I went into town one Monday morning and made a beeline straight for Lush. There I was hit with the wonderful aroma of soap, bath bombs and various body creams. I always feel spoiled for choice in Lush and a wee bit out of my depth. However, this time I knew what I needed;  lip scrub, eye cream and hand cream.
  There was a lovely Valentine’s Day display and from there I picked up The Kiss lip scrub. This is just so yummy, in smell and in taste – YES, you can eat it!  Well, lick it off your lips when your done. It tastes just like candy floss. This all aside, it is good for scrubbing the dry skin off your lips.
  I then moved onto eye cream. After asking for help from one of the lovely assistants,  I decided on the Enchanted Eye Cream. This cream goes on beautifully without being greasy or thick. It has organic oils and honey in it which makes my under eye area so smooth and soft.
  The last thing I picked up was the Love And Light hand cream. This contains neroli and cocoa butter. It smells faintly citrus-y,  I think there’s a hint of orange in it, and helps soothe your hands after a long, hard day.


For a change in my usual skin care routine i bought Avene Gentle gel cleanser and Avene Thermal Spring Water from Boots. The cleanser truely is the most gentle cleanser I have ever used. And it is just wonderful at getting off eye makeup,  especially waterproof mascara, which is the only kind of mascara I like to wear. Once I’ve used this I then spritz my face with the thermal water which instantly freshens up my skin. My skin has been in much need of rehydration in this dismal weather and I feel it’s been really refreshed since using these products.


Since i got married last September and applied my makeup myself, I have become slightly obsessed with makeup. I watched tutorials on YouTube religiously cos I was really hopeless when it came to makeup. I now have a new found love and respect for war paint and love to buy different kinds and experiment.
  Two of my favourite products are the I Heart Makeup Pink Fizz eyeshadow pallette and the I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love triple baked highlighter, both by Makeup Revolution.
  The eyeshadow pallette is a dupe for one of the Too Faced pallettes, I think the Bon Bon pallette, but I could be wrong. It isn’t the only chocolate inspired pallette that Makeup Revolution have, but they all have something in common despite the chocolate bar case – they smell devine!
  The Pink Fizz one smell especially scrumptious. Not only that, but the colours are so pretty and the pigmentation is spot on. All great for an eyeshadow pallette under Ā£10!
  I still haven’t got a hang of the whole contour game, but I do like a nice highlighter and the Goddess of Love ticks the boxes for me. It gives a subtle pearlescent glow to the cheeks which is right up my street.
  Makeup Revolution is definitely a firm favourite makeup brand.


My big sister bought me these Real Techniques Core Collection makeup brushes for Christmas.  I had been looking for good brushes and had seen various vloggers talking about Real Techniques  (I now follow Pixiwoo on various social media pages) and only heard good things about them. I now know why. They are so soft and blend makeup very well without leaving streaks, which some of my previous brushes had done.
  The collection consists of a detailer brush,  a buffing brush, a contour brush and a foundation brush. The buffing brush is my favourite as I can just . . . well, “buff” the foundation right into my skin and it gives great coverage and results in lasting wear.
  I will definitely be purchasing more of the Real Techniques brushes in the future.


Every home needs beautiful smelling products and candles and reed diffusers are just two ways in which to have a heavenly smelling home.


Arran Aromatics Just Grapefruit reed diffuser and StarLytes Vanilla Bean candle.


One Saturday,  whilst I was in town with my youngest, I decided to jump into Watt Brothers. This is one shop that I never go into, but when I seen the January Sale sign I thought, ‘why not have a nosey?’.
  It was full of crystal ornaments and sterling silver photo frames, none of which I particularly wanted, so I was a bit disappointed. Until, I spotted, right up the back, shelves of candles! I dragged my youngest (H) over and scoured the shelves until I found the nicest smelling one.
  The picture above is the one i got. StarLytes candle in vanilla bean. It smells delicious! The smell is so strong that you only have to take the lid off and the whole room fills with the warming scent of vanilla . . . without even lighting it!
  I will definitely be purchasing this make of candle in the future.


Before we headed home on that same Saturday, we went into the St Enoch Centre and noticed that the Arran Aromatics shop was closing down. This is another shop I love, but don’t frequent a lot as some of the stuff us pretty expensive. However, there was a closing down sale and I though I’d go in and see if I could find a bargain.
  The shop had pretty much been picked clean, but there were a few beautiful Christmas inspired tins that were reduced from Ā£60 to Ā£20. In the tins were one large candle, two small ones and a reed diffuser. I though it was too good an offer to miss so I bought one.
  The scent is grapefruit – not really a fruit I particularly like, but the smell from the reed diffuser is lovely. So fruity and fresh. It is in my bathroom and can be whiffed right along the hall. Grapefruit might not be my preferred fruit, but it is definitely my preferred smell in the bathroom.



I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead – it has everything I like; zombies, gore, suspense. I am also a huge fan of reading and last year my husband bought me the first three Walking Dead novels. Christmas just past he bought me the fourth one: The Walking Dead Descent.
  I don’t want to delve too much into the story as it’s the fourth in the series and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but if you are familiar with The Walking Dead you will know who The Governor is and all about the town of Woodbury.
  The main protagonist is Lilly Caul who, although a wee tough cookie, is the reluctant leader of a group of survivors trying to overcome the traumatic events of the previous two books. This one is interesting as the main antagonist isn’t your typical baddie. He isn’t looking to cause deliberate harm, destruction, or chaos; he isn’t looking for power; he genuinely thinks everything he does is for the best.
  A good read and a must for any Walking Dead fan.


I was so excited that Gotham started back this month (well, last month). That is one programme I can really sink my teeth into. I love that it focuses more on Jim Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department  (which, to be honest,  is pretty useless. Gordon basically does all the police work himself) than on Bruce Wayne as Batman.
  If you watch it you’ll know that Bruce is just a boy and he’s trying to find out who killed his parents. Jim Gordon has vowed to help him, but Gotham City is full to the brim with bad guys so Jim has his hands full.
  This series is all about the bad guys! The weird and wonderful and the down right ruthless. I’m finding that the mixture of strange characters, creepy music, and gloomy lighting is giving this series a Tim Burton feel and I love it! Tim Burton and Michael Keeton are the true purveyors of Batman . . . in my opinion.
  Anyway, from Ben McKenzie’s jaw clenched, pensive portrayal of the honerable detective Jim Gordon to Robin Tailor’s goofy yet extremely talented portrayal of the enigmatic Penguin, Gotham is a wonderfully entertaining way to spend a dismal Monday night.
  If you haven’t already then get it watched!


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